Cheap or Expensive Windows VPS?

Nowadays, you can find many web hosting companies that offer cheap Windows VPS hosting at affordable prices. Cheap Windows VPS hosting package only cost twice as much as the shared hosting package. It is suitable for webmasters who have websites that are based on ASP and ASP.NET.

Cheap Windows VPS hosting offers all the features available in a good quality hosting.  Most cheap VPS web hosting packages offer at least 512MB RAM. A user friendly control panel will be provided if you choose managed hosting. The VPS cPanel simplifies the administration of the server.  There are several types of control panels for you to choose from such as Plesk.


Cheap vs Expensive Windows VPS


The cheap VPS also support all the basic features such as MySQL, Python (Django), Ruby (on Rails), root access, 1 click application install, auto update, DdoS, unique IP address, backup and restore and monitoring. You will be able to install and configure any type of application on your server.

The average storage disk space of a cheap Windows VPS hosting range from 20GB – 140 GB. The bandwidth range from 1TB – 8TB per month. Some cheap Windows VPS hosting offer unlimited storage and bandwidth.  You can visit the web hosting review site to perform a side by side comparison on the features and prices of the different Windows VPS web hosting companies.

Many cheap Windows VPS hosting providers are equipped with high capacity servers that have large amount of RAM, and disk spaces. They operate multiple data centers in order to offer good uptime for customers. They also have backup resources in place in case of unexpected events such as power failure and server overload. The servers and hosting hardwares they use are equipped with the latest Intel processors. They only use servers from reputable brand name.

Many VPS web hosting companies offers local based customer support that are able to communicate in English fluently. They have knowledgeable customer support that will attend to customer queries. Managed VPS hosting clients will get access to customer support for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There will be technical teams that will take care of all aspects of their hosting including backups, patching, and server maintenance. The customer support can help you with transferring or set up your website on the VPS server.

Price is one of the most important factors you need to consider when you are shopping for a Windows VPS hosting. You should find a VPS hosting that is priced at a fair price. Expensive VPS web hosting that charge higher than the market price should be avoided. You will want to switch to VPS hosting at some point in time when your website starts to receive a lot of traffic. Before subscribing to a VPS plan, make sure you determine your requirements. It is recommended that you check windows vps company ticket response time before buying and minimum virtual CPU Core should be 3 else lag issue will be occurred.

Windows VPS on Hard Disk vs SSD Performance

In traditional hard disk, there is a spindle that hold one or more mirror rotating platters. The solid state drive (SSD) is made from semiconductors. Web hosting servers that are equipped with Solid State-Disk offers faster performance. It takes approximately 35 to 100 μs for the SSD to retrieve the data while traditional hard disk takes about 5,000 to 10,000 μs to retrieve the data. As you can see, the SSD is faster than the traditional hard disk by almost 100 times.

Web hosting server that use SSD has a lower failure rate because the SSD drive do not contain any moving part. SSD has a shock resistant of up to 1,500g/0.5ms. Servers that use HDD hard disk can fail after a long time of usage because it contains moving part. The magnetic platters in the HDD drive makes it vulnerable to data corruption when it is near to powerful magnets. On average, the  Windows SSD will take 10 seconds to boot. The traditional HDD is slower and takes about 40 seconds to boot.

The average file write/copy speed for the SSD is 200 MB/s to 500 MB/s. The HDD hard drive has a much slower file write/copy speed which is in between 50 MB to 120 MB/s. Defragmentation is required for classic HDD from time to time to ensure it operates at optimal performance. There is no requirement to carry out a defragmentation on the SSD drive.



The SSD hard disk is based on a RAID-10 system that offers maximum redundancy. The advantage of choosing SSD VPS hosting plan is that it offers very high performance and transfer speed. The transfer speed in a Windows SSD VPS hosting is about 5 times faster compared to traditional HDD VPS hosting plan.

The downside of SSD Windows VPS plans is the expensive cost.  Low end SSD hard drive costs about $100. High end SSD hosting can cost thousands of dollars. Another downside is that it offers limited hard disk space. The average disk space for a SSD hard drive range from between 250 GB – 1TB. SDD offers smaller disk spaces compared to HDD. You can expect to get about 30 GB of hard disk space for every 1 GB of server memory.

The traditional hard disk has a capacity of offering more hard disk space. HDD hard disk can offer a disk space of between 500 GB – 1TB. The advantage of HDD is that it is cheap. The average cost of a standard Hard Disk is about $50. The downside of HDD is that it has slower performance. Hosting plans that use HDD is suitable for websites that don’t need a high performance website. SSD hosting plan is for webmasters with websites that receive a high volume of traffic.

In conclusion, both SSD and HDD have their own advantages and disadvantages. The type of Windows VPS hosting you choose will depend on your purpose for buying the hosting plan. If you want to save money, you can choose the HDD VPS hosting plan. If you get a lot of customers from your online store, the Inexpensive Windows VPS hosting plan will suit you because it will ensure your site is accessible by your visitors at all time.

Best Method to Find Most Suitable Hosting for You


Finding a suitable web hosting for your website is crucial if you are serious about your online business. There are many points to consider when looking for the most suitable web hosting for your website. By making the right decision, you can avoid wasting money on the wrong web hosting provider that will ruin your online business.

When looking for a cheap windows hosting, you have to determine your website needs. If your website has a lot of traffic, you need to buy a hosting package that provide a large amount of bandwidth otherwise it will experience down times. The web hosting package should allow unlimited add on domains if you plan to host more than one sites on the hosting. It should also offer unlimited email accounts so that you can create separate email accounts for the users of your website.

There are two types of cheap hosting plans including windows and linux hosting. Windows hosting is suitable for people with websites that are based on Windows technology including .Net framework, Front Page extensions, and .ASP. Linux hosting is the most common type of hosting most webmasters choose. Linux hosting supports WordPress and other types of blogging platforms. Many Linux web hosting packages also supports mySQL database, PHP and Perl as well.

Another thing to consider is the control panel. Shared web hosting company will usually offer cPanel or Plesk as the control panel. Cpanel has a user friendly interface that makes it easy for beginners to manage their websites.

Besides, the cheap hosting provider should offer good customer service support. You can access the quality level of the customer support by calling their customer support department and talking to their representative. The representative should reply promptly to you. If there is no telephone number or physical address, you should avoid the web hosting provider as it may be a scam.

It is easy to find high quality cheap hosting services for your websites. One way to get cheap hosting from the top web hosting provider is to use the web hosting coupon code. Many major web hosting companies offer coupon codes on various types of web hosting packages for webmasters. You should regularly check back the coupon site to find out the latest promotion of the web hosting company. Besides, you can also find web hosting coupon codes at the web hosting blog. Web hosting coupon codes will offer large discount, especially during holiday season such as Black Friday. You can pay attention for such coupon code by following the web hosting company on their Twitter or Facebook page.

Before signing up for a web hosting service, make sure you read reviews to find out its reputation and customer satisfaction level. Many bloggers publish reviews and give comments on different web hosting services they have used. You can read the web hosting review blog posts and visit web hosting forums to gain insights on which web hosting provider you choose. It is best to sign up with a web hosting provider that has been in the web hosting field for more than 10 years.